Construction Management

Stark Construction Services provides both construction management at risk and construction management as advisor for our clients. Stark Construction provides pre construction, construction and post construction services for our clients. We work with the client’s architect or can provide assistance in selecting the best design firm for their particular project. We provide constructability, value engineering ideas and budget reviews during the design process.


Construction management at risk allows the Owner to hire a construction professional before design is complete. The construction manager at risk, (CMr), will work for an agreed upon fee and will provide a guaranteed maximum price for the project. The construction manager will write and hold the subcontracts for the project and is financially responsible for the execution of the project. We provide this service for many churches, health care and private school projects.


Public entities have the ability to hire a construction manager early to be their construction expert on the project through the construction manager as advisor contract (CMa). The construction manager is selected based on a past performance and a fee bases. The CMa work with the design professionals providing similar pre-construction services. The Cma will write work packages, advertise for bids and publicly bid the project to potential contractors. The CMa provides recommendations to the Owner for the best and most competitive bids. The Owner contracts with each trade contractor on the project and the CMa oversees the construction to ensure the project stays on budget, on schedule and provides quality control. This is a preferred method for public schools, counties, fire stations and municipal projects.